Got Pet-ential, LLC Privacy Policy

1.  Scope of Policy:

This policy applies to the Got Pet-ential and CatBossTV websites, information youprovide us through social media channels and email, our third party applicationvendor Skybolt, and our CatBossTViPhone app available soon in the Apple AppStore.


2.  Type of Information Collected:


      a.Website cookies


      Our website vendors, Wix and Shopify, place cookies on your browser to collect information to ensure a quality user experience on ourwebsite. Got Pet-ential does not collect or store this information in any way,and you may opt out of these cookies on our site, but be aware that you mayexperience performance issues if you decline them.b.Website contact form–we collect the name and email address you provide onour website. If you access our website stores, our third party vendors,c.Talent Agency Database–we collect informationin our talent agency database,provided byyou, on you and your animals. Information includes but is notlimited toname, address, telephone number, email address, animal’s name, age,breed, color and type, and any other information you choose to provide us. Allinformation you provide us is at your discretion.d.Third party online stores–we sell goods and servicesthrough third partyvendors–currently Wix, Shopify, Apple, Printful, and Printed Mint. Informationthey collect to fulfill your orders is accessible to us–name, address, telephone,email. Credit card information is not accessible or collected by us. Pleaseconsult their privacy policies for more information.3.How We Collect Your Information:We collect information directly from you, that you enter in our third party applications,or share with us on social media. We do not utilize cookies orany other means ofelectronic tracking to gather information on you, nor do we utilize information that maybe collected by ourthird party websites beyond de-identified data that monitors activityand traffic through our websites.We also may collectinformation directly from you on behalf of our clients if they hireyour animal for a job. These may include your animal’s veterinary records, releaseforms for use of still and motion images of you, COVID testing and/or vaccination status.

    • None of these are required by us, nor do we keep copies unless you upload them to ourSkybolt database.4.Why We Collect Personal Information:a.Providing goods and services–we collect enough information to be able todeliver you goods and services you order through third parties, and to follow upon those purposes.b.Representing you as your animal’s talent agent–we need to know particularsabout your location, ability to travel, how to contact you about jobopportunities, your animals, etc,topresent your animal’s portfolio to ourprospective clients.5.How We Store Your Information:We store contact information–name, phone number, address, and email–in ourphones and email accounts. Your information is also stored in our third party animaltalent database, Skybolt. This information can be downloaded into CSV files that wemay store from time to time in Google Docs or Dropbox. Information about you is onlyaccessible by employees and contractors of Got Pet-etential, LLC–it is not accessible byour clients, nor do we share any information about youpersonallywith our clientsunless you are hired by them for a job–we only shareinformation directly related toyour animal prior to hire.6.How We Use Your Information:We use your information solely for three purposes: to deliver to you goods and servicesyou order, to contact you about goods and services you might be interested in, and torepresent your animals to our clients as potential animal actors and models. We do notsell your information to anyone, nor do we provide your contact information unless youare hired, and only then when required for photo releases, veterinary records, and otherdocuments required by the hiring entity.7.How We Communicate With You:We may contact you to ask you about your availability for job opportunities, forproblems with your account or orders, and to present goods and services we areoffering and/ or promotional opportunities. We may contact you via email, text,telephone, or postal mail.

    • 8.How You Can Withdraw Your Personal Information:Email us atanimaltalent@gotpetential.comto have any information stored by usremoved. We will process all requests within 5 business days. To remove yourpersonal information stored by a third party, please contact that provider directly.9.Privacy Policy Updates:We reserve the right tomodify this privacy policy at any time, so please review itfrequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting onthe website. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here that ithas been updated,so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it,and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or disclose it.10.Questions / Contact Information:For questions about this policies, please email them will try to respond to all inquiries within three business days.