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Earn CatBoss Trick Titles!  

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In conjunction with the launch of our iPhone app, we are offering official CatBoss TV Trick Titles!  While you do not have to purchase the app to earn our titles, our app makes earning CatBoss or any other trick titles so much easier!  Here's how to earn them:  

  • Make sure you understand the requirements for a completed trick.  You can see the requirements on the demo episode of each trick in the app, or download a print copy for each trick.  

  • Train your cat.  A complete trick is shown in the "Demo" episode for each trick for you to emulate.  

  • When you have completed all the requirements for a title, upload your videos to a free, sharable location such as YouTube or Dropbox.   You can use any file storage app you want, as long as you can share with a link.  

  • Download your title application using the buttons below.   Fill it out, and send to  Put "Title Application" in the Subject Line.   

  • Go to our Store page and pay the title application fee (not available until after Jan 15th).  We will not review your videos until the feed is paid.  Please do not send title application or pay fee until you have completed all your trick requirements.   Fee is non-refundable. 

  • If you would like a chance to appear on our trick honor roll and be featured in our demo video, post your videos in the private Facebook group for everyone to see!   You do not have to pay a fee or have all your requirements completed - just post your video! 

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