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Crate Training

Did you know that teaching your cat to go to their crate can save their life? How? Through emergency preparation and diet monitoring!

Diet Monitoring

When you are free feeding your cat it might be hard to tell if they are eating or not. This can cause problems down the line because illnesses can develop without your knowledge. Spotting an illness quickly can be the difference between life and death. This is why our top cat hack is to crate feed and meal feed your cats everyday! 

When you feed your cat in their crates everyday, your cat will learn to love their crate instead of running away from it. This can be helpful for vet trips AND when training your cat for an emergency.

Emergency Preparation

Cats typically want to hide during emergencies or when things aren’t quite right at home. If you teach your cat to love their crate, you can teach them how to go there when they need to...instead of running and hiding! This can come in handy when something goes wrong at home and you need to get your cats to another location - fast!

Crate Training


Did you know that cats can do a lot of the same tricks that dogs do? Thats right!

Cats are smart, agile, and can learn just about anything you can think of! Thats is why we are offering the first ever trick title program just for cats!


So why trick train? 

We like to think of it as games for cats! Its a fun way to stimulate your cats mind, exercise their body, and build a bond all at the same time.  In just 5 minutes a day you can accomplish so much with your little friend. And trust me, your friends will get a kick out of all your cat tricks at your next get together. But more than that, trick training can have practical applications, too!


Not a trainer?

No worries, we will show you all the basics and how to get started with a few easy steps! Besides, did you know you are already training your cat in your daily routine? Thats right - your cat knows exactly what your routine is for their feeding time, when you get home, where their toys are, and when their snuggle time is! They’re smart and they are watching your every move! 

Trick Training


Did you know that 57% of all cats are overweight in America?

Why? Because people have been taught to fill a bowl of dry food for a cat and walk away! This is a BIG NO NO! Cats can actually become addicted to their dry food - which is why they cry when the bowl is empty. When they cry, owners think they're still hungry and feed them more. It's a vicious cycle that leads to obesity and other health issues.


Cats are hunters by nature and crave working for their food!

Cats are used to hunting and working for their meals. Its in their nature! That is why training at meal time is so successful. When you train your cat at mealtime, they get to problem solve and figure out how to catch their "prey". When they succeed, they are rewarded!


So what do I feed and how much?

Cats stomachs are only about the size of a mouse! In the wild, cats have only two successful hunts a day because that is all they need to survive. That is why we feed 2 TBS wet food and 2 TBS dry food, twice a day - plus their training treats! At CatBoss TV, we use real chicken breast for treats to add protein and build lean body mass and achieve the muscular physique cat's were designed to have!


So why do we mix wet and dry food? It's because the protein and fat in wet food is the only thing that signals to the brain that the cat is full. Each cat is different in how much they exercise, so you’ll want to gauge how active your cat is and base the amount of food off of that. We've found that this amount keeps an average domestic house cat at the proper weight! Of course, if you have a larger breed, you may want to increase their meal amounts.

Switching from free feeding to meal feeding

When you switch from free feeding to meal feeding you will want to do this over the course of two to three weeks to give your cat plenty of time to adjust. Meal feeding also provides motivation for your cat. In order to train your cat, you definitely want them to be motivated! We schedule our training times around meal feeding so that we can get the maximum benefit from training and then use their meal as a jackpot reward.

*Please note that you’ll want to check with your veterinarian before doing any diet changes to make sure its right for your cat. We are not licensed nutritionists. As a professional cat trainer and behaviorist, my goal is to get you to rethink how you build your cat's diet to create the bond with your cat instead of missing out on that opportunity. 

Proper Feeding


New to clicker training? We've got you!

Cats love that little sound when they do something right because it means that they get a treat! Clicker training is super simple. All you are doing is pairing the click with a treat!

One click = One treat! Easy peasy. 


Clicker training is for more than just trick training.

Its a form of communication with your cat. With clicker training, you can teach your cat some practical behaviors at home like staying off the counter, how to come when called, and you can even teach a rescue cat how to be touched.


Why clicker train? 

  • It prevents boredom

  • Provides exercise and mental stimulation

  • Can help solve problem behaviors 

  • Builds a bond and provides fun activities for you and your cat! 


You will be amazed at how fast your cat will pick it up!

Clicker Training
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