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Our Most Asked Treat Questions Answered

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

You all asked! And we're finally giving you the scoop on the treats we use for training!

We've talked about our #1 training treat a little bit, but we thought we would go into a little more detail as to why we use it, how we cook it, and some tips for using it. That #1 treat we use is CHICKEN. Good ol' store bought, frozen chicken in the bags. It is easy to find, simple to cook up, and an incredible high value treat to use. The cats love it and its a great and healthy source of protein to add into their diet.

Chicken Tips

  • Use it while it is warm (not hot). The cats prefer it warm. They'll still eat it when its cold, but warm is their absolute favorite!


There's new kid on the block that we're super excited to share with you - LICKABLES! We integrated them into our training regimen about two years after this post was originally written. WOW! They offer the same benefits as wet food in a pouch, but we don't have to open up a can of food and stuff it in a pouch, or throw away unused open cans of food! We particularly love the Tiki Stix brand because they are high in protein and moisture rich, come in a variety of flavors so the cats don't get bored, and are easy to use! It's clear that the cats love them, too, when their eyes light up. It's love at first sight! They are a much healthier alternative than dry treats, and give our cats just what they need to keep them well-hydrated and happy whether they are training, performing, or just hanging out and earned a treat for good behavior! Check them out!

Next up, WET FOOD. Wet food is a really great option to use for training for multiple reasons. Using wet food for instance, with a scared cat out in public, gives us the opportunity to constantly supply a high value reward during scary situations. It allows us to distract the cat and reward the cat until the scary situation is over. Its also great for trick training for tricks where they need to stay in a certain spot for a period of time. These would be tricks like foot stall, hand stand, or back stall.

Now, I'm sure you're confused as to how we stay clean while using wet food for training? That's our biggest CatBoss hack! We use refillable baby food pouches! These are the exact ones that we use. They come in a pack of 6 and there are multiple sizes to choose from. We use the smaller ones. If you purchase these and use them for your cat training, make sure to give us a shoutout! Click here for the ones we use.

You can watch how we use these in one of our videos on YouTube - Superman's Journey!

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