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Two Buzzer Games You Can Teach Your Cat!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Since we're all trying to stay home more, you might be running out of ideas to do with your cats! Have no fear, CatBoss TV is here to the rescue!

We ordered these buzzers on Amazon recently (click here for buzzers) and have been coming up with some fun games to play with the cats to show you all! Games like these are great ways to mentally stimulate your cat as well as work on new skills! Give them a try and let us know how you did or if you need any help getting your cat to connect the dots. We're always here to help!

Game 1: Target

Start by having your cat on an elevated surface like a counter. With chicken or their favorite treats ready, stand a little out in front of them with the buzzer in one hand. Get your cats attention with the chicken or treat and work on luring your cats paw out towards the buzzer. The goal is for the cats paw to hit the buzzer. When they hit the buzzer, say "yes" and give them a treat! In the beginning, if they don't hit it hard enough, you can hit the buzzer as they touch their paw to it to pair the association of the paw hitting the target. This will help the next step (once your cat has that down) of putting the buzzer on the counter and having them hit the buzzer themselves!

Continue luring and treating your cat as their paw hits it and makes the noise. Once they have that down, you can start to say "target" or whatever word you'd like to use!

Another option to use instead of the buzzers is a call bell! This is the one we used here.

Game 2: Target + Perch

Once your cat has targeting the buzzer down, you can step up your game by adding a "perch" in!

Start by finding an object to use for the perch. We've found that a treat container or even a sturdy cup will work. You may need to find a way to secure the buzzer to the top if it starts to slide.

Set the buzzer on top of the object and begin by luring your cat up onto the object with a treat. Once they hit the buzzer, reward your cat! Continue these steps until your cat has mastered this trick! You can then change objects, add multiple buzzers and perches, and more! The possibilities are endless when using these buzzers

For a full video tutorial on the buzzer games - head to our YouTube to watch the video

Links in this post are Amazon affiliate links and we receive a small commission from any purchases. This helps us continue to do what we do so thank you for shopping through our links!

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